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I don’t think there are many players who don’t know the popular Worms series. It has a rich history in the game world, after all, it is already twenty-five years old. Over this long period, the series has seen many games, most of which, with a few twists and turns, adhered to the common and fun concept of gameplay. Thus, the combat battles of worms in a two-dimensional destructible environment using many weapons – whether classic or various non-standard. This time, however, the developers from the Team17 studio decided to make a significant change.

That change is the absence of turn-based fighting. Instead, welcome real-time combat. In addition, you have to come to terms with an environment that is no longer destructible. Otherwise, you can look forward to old familiar weapons, including Sheep Launcher and Holy Hand Grenade, a rich offer of visual adjustments for your worm and armament, and traditional catchy and fun gameplay. However, it has its “buts”. The change from turn-based to real-time combat doesn’t have to suit everyone.

In training mode you can try every weapon

Before the “real game” starts and you start fighting with other players in three main modes, you can try the basics of the game as well as all the weapons and accessories in training mode. The movement is very simple, you can go left, right and jump. You can also chain jumps and get higher along the vertical walls, but you need to guard the stamina that is consumed. You can also turn the ball and roll around quickly, which is suitable for fast moves, but you can’t fight like that.

However, the best training will still be a game against other players. You can deal it against them in the mentioned three modes, where the basis is the classic Deathmatch. It is played on one of the three maps and in the time limit you try to kill as many players as possible. Like other games, Worms keep up with the times and bring today’s popular Battle Royal mode. Two, Last Worm Standing, in which you play for yourself and Last Squad Standing, in which you play in a team in a trio, such a classic. They do not lack the selection of the starting position on the map, its gradual reduction and the possibility of reviving teammates.

Probably no one will argue that the offer of game modes is relatively modest. Basically, we only have two modes here, as Battle royale is the same for both the solo player and the group. The authors, of course, know this, so shortly after the release they prepared at least such a small improver. The team is The Lab. In this case, it is not possible to speak of a completely new mode, it is only a time-limited modification of one of the existing modes. However, it is a separate section, so you still have all the classic modes available. Currently it is Pistols at Dawn, which is a modification of Last Worm Standing. You only have one weapon with one round, but it kills per shot. It is definitely an interesting diversion.

The offer of maps is equally modest. There are also only three of them, and although each is unique in its environment, they are almost identical in some ways. The common denominator in this case is the shape, more precisely the rectangle. A purely vertical map (eg a tower) or vice versa (a tower, but horizontally) could be an interesting change. Even here, however, the authors are already working to enrich the game and the fourth map should be added soon. The offer of weapons (assault rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher, …) and various aids (launch rope, jetpack, …) is just right. You will find the richest offer with cosmetic accessories, of which there are plenty, even if you unlock many of them by gradually increasing the level – you and the individual weapons (for their skins).

Selection of weapons is sufficient

Once we know what the game contains, let’s finally write down something most important about how it is played. On the one hand fast, action-packed, fun, even tactical, on the other hand often chaotic and frustrating. Although it might sound simple – go left / right, jump, roll, open crates, take / exchange weapons and equipment, shoot – it’s not always the case. The key is to combine it all well. Not all weapons will be suitable in every environment (rocket launcher in a narrow space) and this itself plays an important role. There are more open and closed spaces on each map, and depending on that, shooting can easily become a break dance.

One of the rules, so to speak, that you will have to accept, is the old familiar “where the two fight, the third wins.” The maps are big, but with thirty players it will be lost. Often you will not only fight two, but also more. A situation where a third person, who just happened to be passing by, arrives at you and the opponent you are currently fighting, is quite common. Although multi-player fights are more chaotic and luck, chance (or whatever you want to call it) decides, the fact is that the third player has a much easier situation when he encounters two fighting players and both have less than half their lives. Similarly, “talc” can be used, although four or five players.

Another important element in the environment are elevators and shafts. Elevator you …. um ….. you know what an elevator does, right? Well, so you can use it for a quick vertical move, although you can count on the surprise in the form of unleashed combat hell up / down. What is interesting about the shafts is that they offer (invisible) shelter. If you are outside, you cannot see inside. This (sometimes together with the enemy and his loaded rocket launcher) will be revealed to you only after you enter them. It is so good to sharpen attention in their surroundings.

The wrinkles on my forehead sometimes made me respawn. In Deathmatch mode, you don’t end in death, you just have to come to terms with losing most of your gear. However, when you only find a piece from another player who does not share your problem with just one weapon and a few rounds, the result of such a fight is often quite clear. And sometimes the enemy was not too close, but the other equipment was so far that I came across another player than the armament. But in order not to curse, there were also cases when I had some equipment or a box with it.

Technically, it wasn’t pink at first. Problems with connecting, disconnecting from already played matches or even even crashes of the game complicated the situation. However, the authors responded quickly, brought a few patches, and I personally did not notice any other problems later. In the end, I have nothing to complain about. The graphics at Worms may not play such an important role, but it’s nice and the game doesn’t have a smooth running problem, after all, anything else would be disappointing. I also consider the possibility to play on a PC with players on the Playstation as a positive, but you can also deactivate it.

It might seem that the game is disappointing with the new approach, but Worms Rumble is definitely not. Again, these are quality and fun, although sometimes frustrating worms. But not for everyone. A significant change in the very basics of the game and the effort to keep up with the times brings refreshment. In terms of content, the offer is still modest in some areas, but this will gradually change. In addition, we must not forget the price tag, which is extremely favorable.

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